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The most important step in creating a
completely magical wedding reception
is communication. We want to know as
much as possible about you, your
fiancé and your families. If we get to
know you better we can make it a more
personalized affair.

Weddings are not like any other affair,
they are a mix of elegance and
excitement. Here at Hudson Valley
Entertainment we understand that this
is an extremely important event. We
take an approach to ensure that the
elegance won't be lost in your
Knowing how to deliver a fine balance
of elegance and excitement is what we
do best. We will keep your event classy
and at the same time we will guarantee
that your guests will be excited and
ready to celebrate the night away.
Using a professional entertainment
company is the only way to ensure that
your event will receive the proper level
of planning and attention. We are a full
time entertainment company and our
time is devoted to making your event a

HVE will make your event a success.
We meet with you a minimum of 3
times before your wedding.

The first meeting is to go over your
concerns and answer questions as well
as outlining what you will receive with
our services.

The second meeting is to go over
musical selections, special ceremonies
and the names of all the important
people who we will be introducing at
your reception.

The third meeting is to finalize all these
details. We make sure that our planner
matches yours and that we have all the
details in place. We offer unlimited
consultations so if you feel the need to
have more than 3 planning sessions
you are more than welcome to arrange
for more.