Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Blazin’ Beatz Entertainment. Blazin’ Beatz coordinated and implemented the music and all other DJ services for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. Because of this association, I can highly recommend Blazin’ Beatz to any prospective employer needing such a service.

Blazin’ Beatz works in a professional manner. Upon retaining their services, they requested a meeting during which we filled out various forms outlining all the needs of our happy occasion. All areas were addressed, including our music preferences, the need for motivational dancers, those people’s names who were to be especially honored, party favors, the specific hours of employment and the exact costs thereof. Blazin’ Beatz worked with us to outline the entire party, which was exciting and motivating to me. They responded to our suggestions and requests in the most gracious and accepting of manners.

Blazin’ Beatz arrived and set up their equipment in a timely, courteous manner. There professional attire, and the neatness of their employee’s, lent a stylish mood to their presentation and our party. The festivities flowed smoothly, happily, and with perfect ambiance. Blazin’ Beatz Entertainments energetic and upbeat approach, there appropriate words, and there constant attention to their task ensured our party’s success. We all had a great time! I received many compliments about my choice of DJ’s.

Because of this experience, I unreservedly recommend this conscientious and hard working entertainment company. I invite you to call me with any questions, or for further elaboration.

Marilyn Dale
845 - 986 - 3252