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If you’re ready to have the party of a lifetime, with non stop
excitement and energy then HVE is the only choice for you.
Picture this. You walk into your school dance and your gym
has been transformed into a night club. You can feel the
energy before you even get on the dance floor. All you want
to do is party.

Far to often this is the exact opposite of what happens at
your school’s events…your school made the ever so common
mistake of hiring an entertainment company who did not
have what it takes to turn your dance, prom or banquet into
that magical night you expected.


However at HVE we know how to turn your event into exactly
what you want it to be. We pride ourselves on knowing that
no other company can do what we can do. Our DJs and
MC’s will come to your event and turn it into the party of
the century. We do this by providing you with the four E’s.


Without a fine mix of all four of these aspects, your event will
just be normal. Our company also offers the most advanced
light shows, video systems and sound systems in the area.

So whether you’re planning your homecoming, prom,
banquet or dance, call us at 845 782 3259 to take your event
to the next level.